donderdag 26 juli 2012

The end?

The title might frighten some of the readers but this isn't the end of the blog; more an article about novel/script endings. Endings come in all shapes and sizes, from the sugar-sweet fairy tale ending to the mindrape endings that leave you puzzled and confused for days.

A lot of authors tend to write the ending before they actually start on their novel. This allows them to keep the story coherent and build up towards a certain point. A famous example of such author is JK Rowling who wrote her novel series' ending before her first book.

It always is
In my own Otherworld Tales series I've written lay-outs for several endings, both good ones and bad ones, as I'm still unsure about which ending I'll use. The most important reason for this is that a story grows and matures while it is being written and I need to be able to select the ending that will eventually fit the general tone of the novel itself.

But why did I write multiple endings? You ask.
An ending of your novel is not necessarily the end of your novel universe. The characters may live on and their lives are a series of endings. An ending just marks the end of one story and the beginning of the next. Stated as such, endings are not definite things. They have to fit into a whole by themselves and need to make sense. The events building up to it and the events flowing forth from it that aren't described in the novel. The end is at hand! you see the man in the street proclaim and this is true. It always is, because every moment ends with a new one and every moment in your novel is an important one, but more so your last one.

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