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Happy Birthday Pherione and the importance of days

Wikipedia gives an example, summer solstice over Stonehenge
Today is my birthday, other important event today is the summer solstice or the longest day of the year (on this part of the planet, Australians deem it a less favourable day as it is winter there). Any special character births, events and/or planet alignments just have to happen on such kind of day, simply because the words 'Summer Solstice' sound so awesome. Many cultures celebrate the Summer Solstice, both modern and pagan.

The Summer Solstice is the day the sceptre was stolen from the Tower of Stars, the Airship Oberon was finished and the day the Solar Guards were founded. I try making things as meaningful as possible in my writing projects so that includes the date things happen. You may know Oberon from 'A midsummer night's dream' . (The Oberon is one of two airships; the other is conveniently named Titania). The reason why the Solar Guards have been founded on the longest day of summer is probably clear to everyone.
A midsummer night's dream

You don't have to stick to existing important days either; just add your own. The day this or that war ended is perfectly fine.The Daban Tournament of Heroes was held to commemorate the day the Earthlings were swept back where they came from exactly one year ago. Of course it turns out there's a bit of a catch to that, but I won't spoil things here. It's merely the fact that meanings of certain days carry a load with them and when you place an event on such a meaningful day, it transfers some of that meaning onto the event. The things that happen would mean a lot less if they simply happen on any day. The Oberon could've been finished on any day, but as an author I chose this particular day because the story takes place on the midsummer day. A second reason to have the Oberon constructed on the longest day was because the people who built it are the master timekeepers, the Chronicans. To them, time is more important than to you and me. They live and breathe the meaning of time and time itself.

For people who wish to read more about time, I recommend my post: time, history and why it's a scam.

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