woensdag 27 juni 2012

Stories, a part of ourselves

Which person will you be?
Today I made a birthday present for my best friend. She's been sick for a very long time and she means a lot to me. This article won't be exactly about that but about how these things relate to my writing. It's commonly known that a lot of writers use elements from their environment to enrich their stories. For my own writing that's no different. People who mean a lot to me, be they friends or family, get the offer to make their own character in my stories. The role they get in the stories is in relationship to what they mean to me. Because of this, my stories are a reflection of my environment, my relationships and myself. A good story, according to myself, has a very personal touch from its author and this only works whenever the experience or characteristic is real or based upon reality. Try to find a healthy balance between fiction and non-fiction.

'Most people' start out by writing their emotions down on paper. What discerns a good writer from 'most people' is his ability to weave them around the foundation of his story.

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