maandag 11 juni 2012

Welcome to the Otherworld Tales Public Blog

The Otherworld Tales is a sprawling, dynamic and expansive sci-fi/fantasy universe in my own head. Currently there are a novel and rmxp game under production that take place in this setting as well as a short-novel in a planning phase.

This blog shall consist of 2 major parts: The Dev Diary and The Design Quarter.

The Dev Diary will be a personal view on the development process, I'll tell you what occupies me at that moment. As such it'll be more varied and subjective. I'll tell you about the specific characters and species, the locations and the story plot material. If you wish to have a detailed image of the story, this will be your part of the blog.

The Design Quarter on the other hand will be an overview on the technical aspects of development. How do multiverses and omniverses work? How were scientific models blended with fairytale materials? If you want to know more about the how of the development process, this will be the place the search.

Neither part of the blog will contain major spoilers so they're safe to read and won't ruin the reading/playing experience.

Happy Reading!

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