maandag 11 juni 2012

Homo Emet and Stories hidden within.

Today I started the day with the creation of a wiki page (on my private wiki) of the 'Golem'. It is clearly inspired by the clay man from the stories about rabbi Löw, though I gave it a twist to integrate them into the story plot. The Golem or Homo Emet was created after the iconic duel in the skies between my main protagonist and antagonist in 1925.

Rabbi Löw and the golem of Prague
The golems live a secluded life afterwards in their city in the Eidolon Grotto around the sword Emet and only reappear by the end of the story in the far future when the adventurers of that time seek powerful weapons.

The Homo Emet, the sword Emet...for those of you that are familiar with the stories of the Golem, they'll know it means 'truth' and it is the word carved in the forehead of the golem. Another thing you might recognize in the novel is 'the sword in the stone' as the golems fail to unearth the sword that created them and the one that would manage to do so shall lead the golems.

I implement a lot of these old legends, fairy tales and folklore, both obscure and famous and I hope that my story will be a double journey because of this. A journey with the main protagonist through an amazing world and a journey for the reader to old stories about mythical creatures, locations and a forgotten history whilst keeping things enjoyable for those unfamiliar with these tales. It is also my hope that those people will be piqued by curiosity and stroll through these layers upon layers of stories and meanings...

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